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From the Blog

Execution is the Key to Success

Happy Holidays! In last month’s blog, I asked the question, “What is your #1 priority for 2017?” based on the four decisions (People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash) that every business owner and executive has to make to maximize their revenue, productivity and company. A majority of our readers … [Read More...]

What is your #1 Priority for 2017?

Running a successful business requires making a lot of decisions. As a business owner or executive, your business’s success depends on the sum of all the decisions you make. Base your decisions on your company’s goals and priorities for 2017. What do you plan to focus on this upcoming … [Read More...]

Live2Lead 2016 Recap

Thank you to all who attended the Des Moines Live2Lead 2016 simulcast, and to our sponsors and volunteers who helped make this event possible! L2L took place on October 7th at Valley Church in West Des Moines, with 250 local leaders in attendance. At the event, we heard from four amazing speakers - … [Read More...]

Meet L2L Speakers: John C. Maxwell and Liz Wiseman

Live 2 Lead (L2L) is coming up on October 7th! L2L is a leadership development conference designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways. I am hosting a live simulcast of the conference here in West Des Moines! Learn from world-class leadership experts, be prepared to … [Read More...]

Meet L2L Speakers: Simon Sinek and Dan Cathy

Live 2 Lead, the annual leadership development conference hosted by John C. Maxwell, is only a month and a half away! Which speaker are you most eager to hear from?   In anticipation of hosting the live simulcast viewing event in the Des Moines area, I am excited to share with you a … [Read More...]

DISCover How To Improve Teamwork and Leadership

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” This John C. Maxwell quote rings true to every single successful organization. Yet, when working with others in any capacity you may find you are at a disconnect, based on differences in communication or behavioral styles. Because of this, projects could take longer … [Read More...]

Best Management Advice

What is the best management advice you have every received? Whether it was advice given by a business coach, a mentor of yours, or from your favorite influential leader, we all have had lessons and little snippets of wisdom passed down to us that shape our own leadership and management … [Read More...]

Is the Value of your Business Growing?

Your business is arguably the single most valuable asset you own. But just how valuable is it? And, is the value rising every year? This answer often has vastly different answers depending on whom or why you’re asking. As the owner, you’ve worked very hard to build and grow your business - often at … [Read More...]


"Because of your help, our team is on the same page. We’ve grown quickly and our organizational skills were holding us back. We now have clear goals and 90 day action plans, ON PAPER! With systems in place for determining our priorities and a clear communication rhythm, our team is stronger than ever. The Core Values exercise has changed our business. Monte, your passion to help us succeed has been paramount!"
- Doug Johnson, Hawkeye Care Centers