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Inspiration From Famous Business Leaders

February is upon us, March is almost here - the excitement of the new year is over.  The 2015 goals we have set are no longer fresh and shiny, and we are losing momentum while counting down the days to better weather. Whether you are experiencing success or just want this short month to be over, … [Read More...]


5 Learnings from Marshall Goldsmith

Last week, ActionCOACH Business Coaching held its annual North American Conference.  Each year there is a well known thought leader, author, and speaker that is a headlining presenter.  Over the years, we have seen the likes of Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, Jay Conrad Levinson, and many more powerful … [Read More...]


A Better Way to Measure Employee Happiness

By Verne Harnish and Monte Wyatt Successful leaders know they need to balance the needs of employees, customers, and shareholders to build a thriving company. Many firms excel at tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like profits, as well as customer feedback on a weekly or daily basis, but … [Read More...]


Make the Most of 2014

Are you planning for a great 2014?In order to have success, you must plan for success.  In order for a business to have success, it must know where it is going. And it starts with your leadership as the owner or manager.As we all are starting a new year, do the following 7 actions to help you not … [Read More...]


Planning Your Living Legacy

By Verne Harnish and Monte WyattPeople often joke that the best moments of boat ownership are the day they bought the boat and the day they sold it.There are similar punctuation marks in our lives—the day we’re born and the day we pass away. As busy executives, if we’re not careful, our personal … [Read More...]


Moral Character Wins

By Verne Harnish and Monte Wyatt Companies that build teams with strong moral character win. Their teams are happier, perform better and are more successful overall. This bold claim stems from the work of Jim Loehr, renowned performance psychologist and author of the book The Only Way to Win. … [Read More...]


Maximizing Your Return on Luck: The Key Strategic Insight

by Verne Harnish and Monte WyattHunkering down in year-end strategic planning sessions, you and your team are probably thinking hard about what’s next for the economy and how that will affect your business.Slow down. You should really be laser focused on maximizing what Jim Collins, in his book … [Read More...]


Reinventing Yourself and Your Business

By Verne Harnish & Monte WyattThese books will help you rethink your approach toward people, strategy, execution, and cash. Pick-up copies and out-read (and out-compete) the competition today!GETTING NAKED (PEOPLE) Patrick Lencioni is the most prolific leadership author of our time. Best known … [Read More...]


"Because of your help, our team is on the same page. We’ve grown quickly and our organizational skills were holding us back. We now have clear goals and 90 day action plans, ON PAPER! With systems in place for determining our priorities and a clear communication rhythm, our team is stronger than ever. The Core Values exercise has changed our business. Monte, your passion to help us succeed has been paramount!"
- Doug Johnson, Hawkeye Care Centers